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I help performing artists and independent singer-songwriters give amazing singing performances. On the Star Singer Podcast we talk about all things singing, performance, and industry so that you can finally become the Star Singer that you were meant to be!

Apr 18, 2019

Bree Noble is a recognized expert in the music business community known for helping DIY musicians to build their fan base, to become more creative and productive, and to make consistent income from music. Besides being an in-demand speaker and award-winning Podcaster, Bree has traveled the path of a struggling singer-songwriter herself and understands first-hand the career obstacles and mindset challenges artists face in today's music business. Bree's new book, The Musician's Profit Path, was released on Amazon in early 2019 and immediately hit the top 10 Music Business Books for Kindle. Bree created the Musician's Profit Path framework as a direct result of her journey from unknown Indie artist to profitable, professional musician. Her greatest joy is celebrating the success of her students, especially the members of her Female Musician Academy.


We talk about:
  • Having the courage to go solo when you need to take control of your performance opportunities.
  • How and where to start your singing career.
  • Setting up your EPK and what to put in it to help people find you.
  • Covers? Originals? Or both?
  • How to begin to promote yourself.
  • Easy tips to ACTUALLY get paid for your gigs and how to negotiate payment.
  • Creative ideas about how to sell merch and get more people on your e-mail address.

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