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I help performing artists and independent singer-songwriters give amazing singing performances. On the Star Singer Podcast we talk about all things singing, performance, and industry so that you can finally become the Star Singer that you were meant to be!

Jan 25, 2022

The title says it let's hop right in to this episode.



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Jan 18, 2022

If you overthink your singing or feel like you constantly worry about how you sound, you are not alone! This is something that I help singers with all the time and on today's episode, I'll share 3 of my most POWERFUL tips to get over it and SING!

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Jan 11, 2022

Let's use that New Year's energy to do something different this year...something that will actually move the needle forward and help you feel more confident in your singing! These 3 tips are perfect for you if singing is a priority for you this year!

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