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I help performing artists and independent singer-songwriters give amazing singing performances. On the Star Singer Podcast we talk about all things singing, performance, and industry so that you can finally become the Star Singer that you were meant to be!

Apr 27, 2021

This episode is perfect for you if:


  • You want to become a more confident singer but aren’t sure how to make that happen. 
  • You are unsure what to do next in order to actually improve your singing. 
  • You feel like you practice, but never seem to hear or feel any results.


If you want to go more in depth over how to...

Apr 20, 2021

Training is the heart and soul of what we do as singers, but it can be so challenging to find the time to practice your singing!

In this episode, we go through why time is not the actual challenge for you...don't worry it's not your fault either.

Here's how to actually find time to practice your singing, and finally...

Apr 13, 2021

Vibrato is an amazing tool that you can use as a singer to monitor your improvement, freedom, efficiency, vocal tone, and vocal control.


This episode is for you if you’ve been wondering:


  • What is vibrato?
  • When does vibrato happen?
  • How do you control vibrato as a singer?

If you want to feel...

Apr 6, 2021

This episode is for you if:


  • You have never really felt like “a singer” but you want to be able to use your singing confidently in your music. 
  • You are sick of using heavy processing or autotune to cover up your vocal mistakes.
  • You have very high standards for yourself as a musician. 
  • Anyone who is a dreamer and...