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I help performing artists and independent singer-songwriters give amazing singing performances. On the Star Singer Podcast we talk about all things singing, performance, and industry so that you can finally become the Star Singer that you were meant to be!

Jun 22, 2021

This episode is for you:


  • If your voice feels physically stuck. 
  • If you want to get your singing back to where it once was.
  • If you never really understood what your voice was capable of or what it is supposed to sound like. 
  • Or even if your singing sounds “good” but you don’t feel like it’s like you.


In this episode we chat about:


  • How I work with singers to help them to discover their own unique voice
  • Why imitating others is not going to help you to find your own unique voice
  • How do you know what makes your voice unique?
  • The challenges of discovering your own unique voice. 
  • How do you know if you are doing it right? If it’s YOUR voice?
  • The solution and action plan for starting to discover your own unique voice today.


If you are ready to start discovering your own unique voice with a clean slate, open mind, and strong foundation...the first thing that I'd recommend for you is to check out this free training here >